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Environmental Ethics

The old Earth that we once believed was immune to our presence is gone, part of the obsolete wisdom of the past. We must choose to act on the realities of the new Earth, a place we have come to understand is finely tuned to sustain us while also responding to us. On this unique planet, our decisions have global consequences for all life that cannot be indefinitely ignored.

~A New Earth

Interview with Eric Montie: Watchdogs of the Sea

Watchdogs of the Sea

Lindsay Keefer

Marine biologist Eric Montie discusses some of the challenges in determining the presence and effects of chemicals such as DDT in marine mammals.

Is God Green?

Is God Green?

David Hulme

Environmentalism is the subject of heated debate all over the globe. But where do we end up when we set aside political and commercial questions?

ecology and environment

Human Ecology

David Hulme

Spiritual laws govern how we rightly relate to other humans and the environment. We can ignore them or align ourselves with them and reap the benefits.

A New Earth

A New Earth

Dan Cloer

Our planet shows increasing signs of succumbing to our assault. There are many ideas on fixing the problem, but the solution lies close to home.